Monday, October 13, 2008

Environmental effects of Population Explosion

The rapid increase of human population is putting an incredible strain on our environment. While developed countries continue to pollute the environment and deplete its resources, developing countries are under increasing pressure to compete economically and their industrial advancements are damaging as well. The demands that this growth places on our global environment are threatening the future of sustainable life on earth.
One of the largest environmental effects of human population growth is the problem of global warming. The energy production (via power plants and coal burning) that is needed to support human life is increasing the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which can lead to rising global temperatures. The more automobiles in use on the planet also contributes to the pollution problem and the injection of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Some scientists fear that global warming will lead to rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions in the future. In order to support the growing population, forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Many countries are constantly cutting down their forests to clear land for farming and to make room for housing.
Deforestation is harmful to the environment for several reasons. The tropical moist forests that are being lost provide homes for some of the most diverse animal and plant life on the planet. The clearing of these forests results in the extinction of many species, possibly including hundreds that are yet unidentified by scientists. Deforestation also adds to the problem of global warming, because trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Humans also continue to put a great demand on the natural resources of our planet. Many non-renewable resources are being depleted due to the unrestrained use of fuel and energy. Many parts of the world also suffer from a shortage of food and water. The growth of population puts larger demands on our already limited resources. The environment on earth is suffering from the growth of global population. The depletion of resources and biodiversity, the production of waste, and the destroying of natural habitat are serious problems that must be addressed in order to ensure that life on earth will be sustainable throughout the next century. Possible place to address concerns/comments on issue (but not related to specific HR bill): Secretariat United Nations Population Fund 220 East 42nd Street New York.


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